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BrandProtection.Zone is here to help! - The owner of the domain is offering it for sale.

How it works:

  • You (the buyer) fill in the form for free. We act as escrow agent on your behalf for the domain
  • BrandProtectionZone (the agent) contacts the domain name holder (The seller) on behalf of the buyer, asking him a quote for
  • The domain name owner (the seller) fix a price for the domain name
  • BrandProtectionZone asks the buyer to deposit the price on our account. Payments can be done through our secure site or via wire transfer. We do not send money to the seller at this time.
  • BrandProtectionZone collects required authcodes for the domain name, if mandatory.

Transfer process:

  • BrandProtectionZone sends the authorization code to the buyer to start the domain name transfer in / transfer out process
  • BrandProtectionZone sends the money to the domain name seller when the transfer process for is finished.

Fill in the form:

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